Chantelle Znideric

Listique’s Recommendation

We are big fans of Chantelle Znideric’s award-winning personal stylist service. She has a bold approach and takes an individual-centred approach, cherry-picking styles that suit her clients rather than encouraging them to blindly follow trends. Uniquely, she places a strong emphasis on textures, using them to complement colours and create interest in an outfit. We’d recommend Chantelle to anyone interested in revolutionising the way they dress.



About Chantelle Znideric

Chantelle Znideric is a style expert with an eye for brilliant styles that are destined to impress. Her sole objective is to enhance her clients’ individuality by finding the right outfit for them. This approach ensures that she will not recommend an item merely because it is ‘fashionable’, but only if it is the right piece for the client. For Chantelle, wearability is key - she feels a piece is wasted if it remains unworn in the wardrobe. She has been a personal stylist since 2007 and won ‘Most Inspiring Newcomer' at the TFIC Spirit of Inspiration Awards 2008.

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