Centigon Security Group


Listique’s Recommendation

A member of several professional organizations that specialise in security and defence, Centigon is fully trusted by Listique. Their expertise is unparalleled and they focus their philosophy around giving the customer-tailored, comprehensive solutions to security, and prioritising protection.


About Centigon Security Group

140 years of providing secure, armoured mobility including military, cash-in-transit and passenger vehicles means that Centigon are one of the most experienced mobile armour companies in the global business. Their services include protecting against blast effects and multiple ballistic threats, and their main expertise lies in research and development, concept and design, armouring, quality and after delivery Centigon are proud to be a member of organisations such as GICAT, UN Global Compact, ESTA and UNGC. The company has an ISO 9001 certificate and realise over 2000 ballistic tests per-year.

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