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A finely gilded frame or piece of furniture exudes luxury and class like nothing else. We’ve seen such pieces form the centrepiece of a room, producing an opulent aura that warms all around it. When it comes to gilding, there are few who do it better than Carvers & Gilders. Their fine work can be seen in prestigious locations such as Uppark House, Hampton Court, Harewood House, Woburn Abbey, Windsor Castle and Chiswick House.


About Carvers & Gilders | Woodcarvers & Gilders

Carvers & Gilders was established as a partnership in 1979 and designs, makes, conserves and restores fine carving and gilding. Their tight-knit team are assisted by a wide network of colleagues in related trades and professions and are able to undertake a wide variety of projects. Carvers and Gilders place the client right at the heart of their work. They are open to client involvement, helping to ensure that the design intentions, aesthetics and context of a piece of work are in line with the client’s vision. The team have a detailed knowledge of carving techniques, periods, styles and surface decoration. In addition, they accept commissions for a wide range of styles and design bespoke pieces. Pieces can be made in both contemporary or period styles, and can be made to match existing pieces. They have achieved the highest accolade in their profession, holding a Royal Warrant to HM The Queen as Carvers, Gilders and Restorers.

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