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We at Listique believe that nothing completes a room more than a beautiful antique carpet, rug or tapestry. That is why we would always go to C. John for their impressive and wide-ranging collection of authentic products. We can guarantee that everyone at C. John has extensive expertise in their field, and value incredible craftsmanship. Every carpet, rug, and tapestry is not only strikingly decorative but also timeless. Everyone tells a story. The only worry you will have with this company, is choosing which product to purchase!


About C. John

Established 80 years ago, C. John has set the bar for the antique rug industry. Led by the knowledge of Owner and Creative Director Leon Sassoon, C. John are committed to each and every customer and has advised some of the most respected private clients, collectors, palaces, estates, and auction houses. Their broad collection is quite simply stunning, featuring Art Deco & Modernist, Caucasian, Chinese, East Turkestan, European, French Savonnerie, Persian, Turkoman, English Axminster, French Aubusson, Indian and Turkish pieces. As well as Needlework, Tapestries and Miniature Tapestries to choose from. Since the early 1960s, C. John has been a member of the British Antique Dealers Association.



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43A South Audley Street, London W1K 2PU

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