British Invisible Mending

Listique’s Recommendation

We know that the fastest way isn’t always the best way. Services that put quality over quantity always provide the best results. Invisible Mending uses a highly skilled and time-consuming method to repair damage garments where they take individual threads from a hem, side seam or other concealed part of the garment of the same type and then re-weave them over the damaged area. The results are incredible; it is almost impossible to see any sign of mending.


About British Invisible Mending

For nearly a century, British Invisible Mending has been caring for and altering exquisite garments that may otherwise have been rendered unwearable. They use a technique which dates back over 200 years, simply because no other way of mending produces such flawless results. The process is entirely completed by hand and involves painstakingly weaving individual threads to reconstruct damaged areas on an item of clothing. When you consider that some of the threads are as thin as a human hair, the incredible skill of these craftsmen becomes clear. The business has an ‘old-fashioned’ approach to workmanship and customer service, providing a level of quality which is sadly increasingly uncommon these days. The majority of their staff have worked within the business for over 20 years and a couple have been there for over 40. Their clientele includes many notable individuals, as well as some of London’s top tailors, fashion houses and well-known department stores. The service has been widely featured in many magazines and newspapers, including: Vogue, Harpers & Queens, Good Housekeeping, Timeout, The Evening Standard, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and The Independent. The shop is located in the heart of Marleybone.


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