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Three generations of Blissetts have combined traditional artisanal bookbinding skills with advanced computer software and technology and print equipment, to bring their customers products they know will be preserved for a lifetime. Wedding photographs, a book passed down from a loved one, the contents of a dissertation, yearbook photographs. We know how irreplaceable these documents are, and how much they that need to be treasured, protected and handled with care. Blissetts application of true British craftsmanship to a range of different binding and restoration services, means that you can really trust them with your prized possessions.


About Blissetts

Blissetts are currently the largest specialist bookbinder in the south of England. Established in 1920 by Frederick Blissett, this company have grown through their 90-year lifespan. A time which they have spent developing a range of traditional binding and restoration services, while concentrating on delivering exceptional customer service. These qualities make Blissetts one of the best binding services in the UK. They offer the binding and restoration of products such as yearbooks, photobooks, wedding albums and thesis’s; as well as design & print and fine binding and restoration services. Receiving a Royal Warrant in 2010, for their incomparable services, has added to their impeccable reputation.


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