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We’ll openly admit that there is something about buying books from a bookshop which can be tough. As much as bookshops are charming, it is hard to know which books you will enjoy and which you will have stopped reading by page 20. This is where Bibliophile come in. Ten times a year they send out a newsletter featuring independent reviews of select books, from which clients can order the books they think they’ll enjoy. This simple solution is perfect for book lovers with no time to waste on mediocre titles.


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It all began in 1978, when editor and publisher Bill Smith met Australian journalist Max Harris. What started out as a newsletter book club has now grown into a large retailer with tens of thousands of patrons. Their honest and witty reviews make for fascinating reading, and cut out the hard work when it comes to choosing titles. They individually review 300 of their changing list of available titles and stock everything from signed rarities to popular classics. They offer large discounts unavailable from mainstream retailers on a variety of products and stock works for a range of readers. Furthermore, because of their position in the heart of literary circles they are able to procure exclusive signed copies from distinguished authors that the Bibliophile staff count as friends. In 2011 the Duke of Edinburgh granted Bibliophile a Royal Warrant as a ‘Peerage for Trade’, in recognition of quality, service and excellence.

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