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Playing a musical instrument can be one of life’s most therapeutic and enjoyable pleasures, that is always looked upon in favour. Not only is a valuable grade to attain for GCSE, A level or higher education, it also a lifelong skill to have. Therefore, we really believe that it is really worth it being taught by the best tutor possible. Whatever your age or ability, if you’re looking for a music tutor, Bespoke Music Tuition’s dedicated, thorough process will ensure that you find the best possible fit. Additionally, BMT will also be your support network on anything music related. Whether you require support, exam information, instrument purchases, advice on higher education routes, new music to learn or a discussion about your lesson process, Bespoke Music Tuition will be there for your every need.


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Bespoke Music Tuition believes that with the right music tutor, learning how to play an instrument doesn’t have to be a frustrating chore, but a wonderful, joyous experience that leads to proficiency in a lifelong skill. Through their unique process, BMT firstly understands exactly what the client’s specific musical requirements are through a music consultation. During the face-to-face consultation, the professionals at BMT will get to know the client in the comfort of their home and answer any queries or questions. After the music consultation, the sourcing of the music tutor will begin. Once the client has finished the first lesson, BMT will be in contact to make sure they have found a good fit for the review. If at any time the tutor becomes unsuitable, then a new tutor will be swiftly sourced, as not to hinder the process or progress of learning. All music tutors are selected based on their experience, personality, qualifications and teaching experience, with all have to complete a full-enhanced disclosure certificate.

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