Beaumont Nathan Fine Art

Listique’s Recommendation

The contemporary art world is difficult to navigate. We find ourselves in a situation where more and more collectors are chasing a finite number of works by brand-name artists or hot up-and-comers. In this tough environment, it can be helpful to seek expert advice. At Listique, it’s our firm belief that art advisors, like Beaumont Nathan, deliver immeasurable value because of their access to exclusive networks and give precious advice on what to buy and avoid. We’d recommend Beaumont Nathan for collectors who want to access the finest in art at the right price.


About Beaumont Nathan Fine Art

Beaumont Nathan are a leading independent art advisory, active across the entire spectrum of the global art market, launched in 2014. Despite being a relatively new outfit, Beaumont Nathan have a vast treasure trove of knowledge that has been cultivated over years of looking at art, analyzing auction sales and understanding the inner workings of the market. They combine an art lover’s connoisseurship with commercial expertise and market intelligence for a winning combination. This marriage of passion and rationale has led the firm to great success; since their launch they have advised on over half a billion dollars of transactions. Beyond helping their clients access elusive artworks, Beaumont Nathan also help refine their clients’ tastes. Being able to look inside of trends and identify areas of interest and quality that perhaps are not obvious ones is a learned skill that must be embodied over time. Beaumont Nathan help their clients develop this ability.


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