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Listique’s Recommendation

We recommend this honours and business awards experts because of their dedication to getting distinguished individuals the recognition they deserve. The firm is exceptional in the quality of the service it offers, with a remarkable success rate in helping individuals in business awards and Queen’s honours lists. The company is regarded as the world’s leading expert on Queen’s honours lists.


About Awards Intelligence | Business Awarding Company

Awards Intelligence was founded in 2007 in response to a clear need for a service that helps people to nominate others for Queen’s honours or for support in business awards. Awards Intelligence’s advice makes a remarkable difference to success rates in awards. For instance, the firm’s clients have a 65% success rate in the Queen’s Honours compared to an average success rate of 10%. As well as business awards and the Queen’s Honours, Awards Intelligence advises on House of Lords peerages, helping individuals achieve one of the most prestigious and sought after achievements in the world.

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