Aquatic Design Centre

Listique’s Recommendation

We’ll openly admit that The Aquatic Design Centre is one of our favourite pet shops in the whole of London. Purple lighting and tropical fish of more colours than we could ever write down (some of them even flash) combine for an alluring shopping experience. The shop is a haven from the busy streets of London, a place of paradise and reflection in a sometimes chaotic city. Cutting edge design, which adds a chic touch, makes it a truly standout pet shop. We felt they went above and beyond our expectations when it came both to the selection of fish available, their overall service and creating an attractive shop.



About Aquatic Design Centre

The Aquatic Design Centre is located in Balham, South London, and boasts over 250 tanks of fish and coral. The shop was established in 1985 by Marine Biologist Nick Lloyd. To limit their environmental impact the shop farm their own corals and, where possible, use farm-raised fish. The attentive staff are well informed on all things fish and aquariums and can advise you on what fish are appropriate for your tank, as well as which fish live well together. The shop is a fish-filled fantasia with marine, tropical and coldwater varieties, but they do far more than just sell fish. The Aquatic Design Centre draws on over 30 years of experience to create stylish and luxury bespoke built aquariums and fish tanks. Their designs simply look amazing and can be found in the houses of esteemed individuals, high-class restaurants and museums both around the UK and worldwide. For those who want the best in pet fish, The Aquatic Design Centre is unparalleled in its range and level of expertise.


0044 (0) 207 580 6764

26, Zennor Trade Park, Zennor Road, Balham, London, SW12 0PS

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