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If you are looking for a form of exercise that is gentle but effective, that will keep you fit but won’t exhaust you, then Pilates is an ideal method to explore. Having worked with a huge range of clients including dancers, TV presenters, singers and even those with severe disabilities such as MS sufferers, there is no one that cannot attend an Alan Herdan Pilates class. Herdan will work tirelessly to strengthen, align and tone the bodies of all his clients, and help them discover a way of exercising that they will rely on for a lifetime. He has turned around the lives of so many and given them back their confidence. Regardless of your level of experience, when it comes to Pilates, Alan Herdan truly is the best of the best in London.


About Alan Herdman Pilates

Considered no less than Pilates royalty, Alan Herdman was the founder of Britain’s first ever Pilates studio, and has a history of working with instructors that have been trained by Joseph Pilates himself. Originally, clients that have visited Herdman’s studio were actors, dancers and singers. But as the word spread to the likes of physiotherapists and doctors, Pilates soon became referred to those struggling with chronic injuries. Over the years, Herdman has helped those with Parkinson’s, MS, those partially paralysed from a stroke and those recovering from surgery. Alan Herdman Pilates offers a range of classes at two different locations. 4-2-1 classes are individually taught sessions with up to four people, in which each client is given a personalised set of exercises and guided through by the instructor. In contrast, 1-2-1 sessions are individually taught classes where the instructor works with one client only. Reformer classes can have a maximum of up to six people, and Pre and Post Natal 4-2-1 sessions are also available. Alan Herdman has written several books including The Pilates Directory (2004), The Gai Busy Person’s Guide to Pilates (2003) Pilates for Men (2007) and The Complete Pilates Tutor (2014) “Excellent session this morning with my Pilates hero Alan Herdman. From slipped disc to this in 18 months (and back on the squash court). Who would have thought?” – client


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