The Addison & Holland Park Veterinary Clinic


Listique’s Recommendation

The Addison & Holland Park Veterinary Clinic’s principle is ‘the owner and animal are the primary concern and making a living will inevitably follow.’ As such they won’t carry out unnecessary tests just to make money, tests and treatments are kept appropriate to the condition at hand and so are the costs. They also know that sometimes all that is needed is time and nature to heal or a bit of reassurance and that’s exactly what they’ll give. As a one man independent practice you will almost always see Andrew Carmichael or when he’s away, the same locum, meaning a real understanding of your pet can be developed.


About The Addison & Holland Park Veterinary Clinic

Founded in the 1940s, The Addison & Holland Park Veterinary Clinic is the area’s longest established independent veterinary clinic with current owner Andrew Carmichael having been there since 1972. The small practice consists of just Andrew and his receptionist yet they are able to consult on any animal and use the latest medicines and equipment alongside veterinary common sense to ensure your pet receives the best care. All routine diagnostic testing and treatments such as radiography, ultrasound electrocardiography and neutering take place in house but for more complicated conditions they are able to recommend a full range of specialists. Outside of veterinary services they offer boarding for cats, advice for pet behaviour, can issue pet passports and can offer cat and dog grooming and dog walking as well as supplying dog and cat food, collars and leads.

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