Absolute Action

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Absolute Action’s passion is fibre optic lighting. This company is committed to designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning bespoke fibre optic lighting systems into various applications. Absolute Action don’t just create stunning results, they build working relationships with clients and partners, developing world-wide alliances and listening closely to individual needs to deliver incomparable results. They have a substantial client list, including the likes of Alexander McQueen and Anabell’s Night Club. Designers, contractors and specifiers work with Absolute Action with the confidence that they know their industry like no other company out there. Even the most demanding contracts are never too much trouble and are approached with complete professionalism and efficiency.


About Absolute Action

With 30 years of experience of developing fibre optic technology and systems for the purpose of illumination and display, Absolute Action is the longest running and most experienced company in the industry. With an independently sourced and tested range of lamps, fibre types, optical components and control equipment, the company execute their tasks with a promise. That they will achieve practical results every time, delivering perfection, performance and durability.


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