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We know that the art and collectables world can seem confusing and where true independence is hard to find. Galleries are prone to selling some works only to their most loyal or high-profile clients, making it difficult for new buyers to get access to the finest works, whilst the wine market is flooded with so many varieties making the right purchase can seem impossible. This is where 1858 come in. They have unparalleled knowledge of art, classic cars and wine across the globe and they focus on reducing risk when buying and selling in the market via independent and impartial advice. Please quote "LISTIQUE1858" for the best rates. Image 1 - Howard Hodgkin, sold via 1858 Ltd Art Advisory Image 2 - Diego Giacometti, sold via 1858 Ltd Art Advisory Image 3 - Anish Kapoor, sold via 1858 Ltd Art advisory Image 4 - Aston Martin DB4 1964, sold via 1858 Ltd Art Advisory


About 1858 Ltd Art Advisory

1858 Ltd is a true pioneer in the art wealth management sector and have helped countless clients transact in the complex, international and exclusive art market. Since founding the company back in 2004, Viola Raikhel-Bolot and Harvey Mendelson haven’t looked back. With offices in London, New York, Dusseldorf, Paris and Sydney, 1858 are a truly international art and collectables advisory firm. They provide advice at all stages of the collecting life cycle, from strategic advice around transactions to curation, building collections, collection management and valuations. Their distinguished clients understand that, like all other assets, art and collectables need to be managed with diligence and expertise. 1858’s clientele range from high and ultra-high net wealth individuals to private banks, museums and foundations, fashion houses and luxury brands. 1858 Ltd services are bespoke and include: ⁃ Buying and Selling of fine art in all sectors of the art market including Antiquities, Old Masters, Impressionists, Modern and Contemporary, privately or at auction ⁃ Authentication and Attribution as well as provenance research ⁃ Valuations of individual pieces and collections for both market and insurance purposes, remotely or on site ⁃ Facilitating review of the insurance policy. Indeed, from experience many collections are underinsured and not all risks are catered for e.g. flood, fire, earthquake. We have recently moved a clients’ coverage and saved them over £100,000 per year on premium alone. ⁃ Independent risk assessment and loss prevention strategies ⁃ Logistics Management including shipping, import and export licenses, restoration, hanging, museum framing, object mounting and storage. ⁃ Collection Management including curatorial expertise, cataloguing, bespoke database management and publishing ⁃ Facilitating Art and Classic Car Finance (raising finance utilising the asset as collateral) ⁃ Next Generation training and educational program ⁃ Coordinate collaborations between Luxury and Art



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