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The White Company’s founder describes her inspiration for designing home décor as wanting to create ‘precious moments of uncomplicated happiness.’ This description perfectly encompasses the peaceful and comforting effect that the White Company’s products have once placed the home. With their wide range of items to adorn every room in the house, we wouldn’t choose anyone other than The White Company to promote a beautiful lifestyle where a home can be transformed into a simplistic, refreshing haven. Where one can dress in timelessly chic pieces, wear fragrance enthused by nature’s elements, and be surrounded by décor that effortlessly styles any setting.



About The White Company

It all started with founder Chrissie Rucker’s unsuccessful search for affordable, beautiful quality white bed linen. In 1994, this search initiated the start of a home décor company that is now renowned for its luxuriously stylish, white, designer items. Originally selling linen essentials such as fitted sheets, duvet covers, pillows and towels in pure white; the company has since developed a range of deluxe lifestyle merchandise including home accessories and clothing for adults and children. Focal points in Rucker’s life such as the birth of her first child, was the motivation for other ventures, such as The Little White Company; a range of children’s clothing, toys and bedding. Incomparable in their ability to create timeless, simplistic, elegant products, The White Company are one to watch.


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Cob Drive, Swan Valley, Northampton, NN4 9BB

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