Nine Concierge

Listique’s Recommendation

When we heard on the grapevine Timmy at NINE and his team were planning a six week European tour for an international member and it involved hopping in a submersible, plunging 200 metres, and exploring shipwrecks (and searching for lost treasure) in the Tyrrhenian Sea, we knew we needed to meet him. We listened intently as he told tales of being held hostage in Uganda, sleeping under the stars in Oman’s Wahiba Sands, and zip-lining over waterfalls in southern Cambodia. We were sold.


About Nine Concierge

A private club crafting tailored travel experiences to individuals and families globally. NINE tailors a membership to suit each specific client/family and gets to know them inside-out so that each recommendation and journey is 100% bespoke and original. Timmy always meets the client and their team, ideally in public, to watch how they react to situations and behave. It’s important for them to learn what makes each client tick and a little about their psychology in order to surprise, engage and delight.

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