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Incredible decorative lighting is hard to ignore. It contributes so profoundly to the overall feel and character of a room that it can leave one in a state of awe. If there was a hierarchy for decorative lighting, chandeliers would be at the top. They recall centuries of luxury and foster an exuberant atmosphere wherever they are. Because of this, we are always on the lookout for incredible chandelier makers like Crystal Lite. Crystal Lite’s designs encompass both modern and traditional eras and exude charm and character wherever they are placed.


About Crystal Lite Chandeliers | Design, Manufacture & Maintenance

Crystal Lite are a family owned and managed chandelier makers with over 30 years experience. Their inspired chandeliers are found in five-star hotels and restaurants, in addition to a host of distinguished luxury homes. From their factory in North London, they create crystal chandeliers, brass chandeliers, traditional and contemporary chandeliers using the finest crystal from Swarovski, Asfour and Preciosa. They have a ‘no limits’ ethos to design and coordinate specialist designs and materials with their clients. What Crystal Lite will create for their clients is only really constrained by the boundaries of their clients’ imagination. In addition to producing chandeliers, Crystal Lite offer a restoration and repair service. They are accomplished in repairing Waterford chandeliers, Baccarat chandeliers and antique chandeliers by Osler, Perry and many more. Their maintenance technicians are available for onsite repairs, regardless of the location. Crystal Lite are responsible for maintaining the chandeliers in both Buckingham Palace and Windsor Palace.

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