Listique’s Recommendation

We believe ‘The To Do List’ is the perfect lifestyle management tool for time pressed individuals - which nowadays includes pretty much all of us. This pioneering system, which literally uses an extra pair of hands, has been used by many successful individuals to shorten their seemingly ever lengthening “to do” list. The benefits of the service are obvious; you have more time to focus on the important things in life while someone else takes care of the smaller details.


About The To Do List

The founders of The To Do List realised that most of us spend too much time sorting out the boring stuff in our life and too little time living life to the full. They assign each client a specialist assistant to help with their tasks, no matter how tedious or obscure they may be. Then, clients send their “to do” lists to the company, where the tasks are carried out efficiently and effectively. The company’s polite assistants are well accoladed for their attention to detail and speed. Over time assistants build up a close relationship with clients, getting to know exactly how the client likes things done.

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