Milk & Honey Club

Listique’s Recommendation

Guaranteed to give members the night of their life, in our opinion, the promise of fabulous night ahead at Milk and Honey is hard to turn down. With a generous selection of deliciously fresh, high-quality drinks, all made from hand-squeezed ingredients and shaken to perfection, a milk and honey cocktail has been carefully, lovingly made, and kissed with a trademark of excellence. And let us not forget the dining menu, full of appetizing snacks and lavish platters for whenever one feels like grazing. Between being welcomed by proper service, sipping exceptionally well-made drinks and devouring tasty nibbles in a chilled yet fun atmosphere where the music is set to the right volume for a proper conversation; Milk and Honey have struck the perfect balance that every Londoner is looking for in a late-night bar.


About Milk & Honey Club

Established in 2002, and tucked behind a little black door in central London, is Milk and Honey. A bar, that brings pure quality and class to Soho’s nightlife. Milk and Honey are the worthy Winners of World’s Best Bar over four times and Time Out’s Bar of The Year 2004. This establishment knows their worth in the industry, yet the vibe of the bar is completely unpretentious and effortlessly cool. The club gives members perks such as access to all three floors until 3 am, while non-members are still welcomed to the ground floor until 11 pm long as they book ahead. The second floor is home to The Games Room, a perfect venue for small parties, poker nights and private dining. All rooms are lavishly adorned with dark leather sofas and mahogany wood walls.


0044 (0) 20 7065 6800

61 Poland Street, London, W1F 7NU

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