Martin Bugaj


Listique’s Recommendation

Personal trainer Martin Bugaj knows how hectic life can be and how easy it is to let our training or fitness slide; which is why he works with busy professionals to help them achieve their fitness goals. Staying by clients' side every step of the way and holding them accountable, Martin is able to help clients achieve their goals in as little as twelve weeks. Listique recommends Martin firstly because he’s constantly further educating himself to help his clients and secondly because in vulnerable moments, such as choosing what to eat in a restaurant, Martin can be reached to help make healthy choices.


About Martin Bugaj

Martin Bugaj is a fully qualified level 3 personal trainer, postural assessment and corrective exercise coach and a biosignature practitioner who works with busy professionals to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. Offering one-to-one coaching both in person and online, Martin begins each client’s journey with a full consultation and assessment to find out their goals, their eating and exercise habits and their lifestyle. From this he builds a tailored, bespoke plan which guides clients through each step and includes training sessions based on the equipment available and a diet plan which focuses on calories and macronutrients and still includes all the foods clients do like. Most importantly Martin provides support, giving regular check-ins, holding clients accountable. He also understands that life can get in the way of training and fitness and so he helps clients make choices so that they can still enjoy social situations and keep making progress.



9 Conlan Street, London, W10 5AP

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