Lockdown Haircut

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Listique’s Recommendation

Any company that not only supports local business and charity is going to get Listique’s recommendation. Lockdown Haircut is a new business created amidst the lockdown to tackle a practical problem we’ve never faced before: all barbers being closed.



About Lockdown Haircut

As we start to emerge from lockdown and slowly begin to be able to socialise again (albeit 2 metres apart) it’s time to ditch the lockdown locks. Rather than leave your haircut in the hands of your friends, partner or yourself, put your clippers down and take the stress out of a quarantine hair with Lockdown Haircut. Founded by friends Dan Silvertown and Jeroen Sibia the company is the UK’s first virtual barber. Book a 20 minute online video appointment with a professional barber and they can talk you or your housemate/family member through your trim step-by-step avoiding any potential mistakes. Not only are you helping to support barbers who may not be able to work for some time but for every haircut tutorial they donate a percentage of sales to NHS Charities Together.

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