Listique’s Recommendation

The downstairs of L’Escargot is a restaurant which is open to the public and serves high-class French bourgeoisie food. Frequent patrons include the likes of Mick Jagger, Elton John and Coco Chanel. Head upstairs, however, and things get even more exclusive. The Upstairs Club is a members only section with six rooms. Each room is filled with bright, colourful art and lots of life. Not everyone is welcome to join the club, you either need to be introduced by someone who is already a member or meet with one of the membership team for a drink and a brief introduction. Being polite is also a requirement to join - those who treat the waiters and receptionists unkindly are not welcome to become private members.


About L'Escargot

Now in its 92nd year, L’Escargot isn’t just a stylish private members club and French restaurant but a true Soho institution. The restaurant claims to have been the first restaurant in Britain to serve snails and hasn’t lost a shred of its French ambience in its long history. The member’s club is a more recent addition, opening in 2014. The club is owned by Brain Clivaz, who previously owned Home House, and Laurence Isaacso. Membership is capped at 1000 people.

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