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Looking to improve your English speaking skills? Ingles Sin Libros teaches conversational English offering different levels, as well as helping with exam and business prep. All of their teachers come from English speaking countries such as the UK, the US, Canada and Australia and each has their own expertise or passion. Choose a teacher based on time zones or location or on your shared interests. So, if you love baking, you can find a teacher who also loves baking and then you can practice your English skills by discussing what really makes for the perfect cake - much more interesting than just rote learning.


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Ingles Sin Libros or English Without Books, provides online and face to face courses, workshops, activities and conversations with native-speaking and specialised English teachers so that you can improve your English conversation skills. Practice conversational English by speaking one to one or in small groups with native-speaking English teachers from all over the world, chosen by you based on their location and specialist area. Or put your knowledge into practice by joining in with activities in English, these can rangel from playing pool and board games, and painting and drawing through to going on guided tours and learning baking together. As well as grammar courses, Ingles Sin Libros can help you with your C.V, interview prep, office automation courses, design programs and much more to help you within different industries and business sectors. Classes and activities are held in Madrid and other countries or can be conducted online and they offer both private and group classes.

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