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Fine-tuning discerning residences and working with domestic staff isn’t always simple or straightforward, but with House Martin on your side, it will certainly feel like it. We have high regard for Martin Higgin’s hardworking and passionate approach to the industry. These are traits that can be seen in every single member of his team at House Martin, and the admirable work that they do. The team at House of Martin will only rest once they are sure that your household is running with a revived sense of organisation, and that you are feeling confident, happy and supported with the levels of communication between you and all of your staff members. Unafraid of hard work, these professionals will leave once they have delivered the very best.



About House Martin of London

With a lifetime of experience within the world of private service, founder of House of Martin, Martin Higgins, knows his industry like no other. After cutting his teeth as an under butler and footman at Buckingham Palace, he went on to work for elite clientele throughout Europe, then spending ten years working for a prominent New York family. After co-creating one of the World’s leading domestic Staff agencies, Green Baize Door, and managing Private Chef’s Incorporated, London, Martin turned his talents to creating his own company. Martin built up House Martin of London around the core values and skills that he himself learnt during his lengthy career. Professionalism, reliability, diplomacy and most of all, impeccable standards of service. House Martin prioritises the organisation of a private household in every way, seeking to improve order and generate harmony, ensuring that every aspect of the household runs smoothly. Whether the layout needs refining, the storage systems need improving or the home in general needs complete re-organisation, the House Martin team are here to help. Regarding Staff Management, House Martin are adept at hiring, training and managing both existing and new household staff. They take joy in teaching staff particular skills, such as etiquette training. And when it comes to Events and Travel, House Martin provide bespoke concierge services such as party planning, support staff and PAs to help support and ease the lives of their clients. “What would we do without you?! Your work is beyond reproach: always thoughtful, elegant and highly professional” – Private Client Martin Higgins has also written a fantastic book, From Chaos To Calm, on creating and maintaining a flawless household. You can purchase the book using the link below.

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