Listique’s Recommendation

Equinox St James is one of our favourite luxury gyms in the capital. The gym is fully equipped with state of the art equipment. One of our favourite things about this gym is that classes are rarely crowded or overfilled, meaning you have the space to really get into the rhythm. We would recommend this gym to anyone looking for a spacious, relaxing gym right in the heart of the capital.


About Equinox

Equinox St James is a recent addition to the global Equinox brand of luxury gyms. One thing that sets this gym apart is the outstanding quality of the equipment. Everything is state of the art and well-maintained. The gym also offers spa facilities, meaning you can get the treatment you deserve after a hard session. There is also a Regeneration Room, the first of its kind in an Equinox gym, equipped with specialist equipment designed to improve post work-out recovery. This makes Equinox St James the ideal location for fitness fanatics who want to train at the top of their game day-in day-out. The gym offers a full range of classes, from pilates to one-on-one with a gym trainer. The luxurious executive changing rooms are also worthy of an honourable mention. Stylish and sophisticated, they embody exactly what makes this gym great.


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