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When it comes to managing your household you want to work with a management company that not only has years of experience but who knows that your peace of mind, the highest levels of service, privacy and confidentiality is paramount. Boutique household management company, Edition is that company.


About Edition

Based in London, Edition has 15 years’ experience providing personal household management and housekeeping services. Throughout this time they have maintained their values of viewing your home as a sanctuary and as such it deserves the highest level of service, attention and care whilst maintaining your privacy. Taking a dedicated approach to attention to detail they study your lifestyle and how your home works so that they can anticipate and meet your needs before you even know you’ve had them. Specialising in bringing in providing temporary staff when you are based in London their services include training housekeepers, managing your wardrobe, providing the finest personal chefs and offering a tailored concierge service, Edition’s services will create and maintain the harmonious home environment you deserve, allowing you to find peace from the busy modern world whilst you are based in London.

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