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We believe that the use of high-quality tools can really transform the way you view cooking. With a great quality knife, cooking doesn’t have to be viewed as a daily necessity, but a form of enjoyment and even an excuse to learn an exciting new skill. Blenheim Forge are our top choice when it comes to sophisticated knives. Not only for their creation of knives with beautiful, characterful designs, but also for products that reap satisfaction and pleasure with every use.


About Blenheim Forge

Bleinhem Forge is a steel workshop based in Peckham London, where hand-forged, quality kitchen knives are made. Selling knives to cooking enthusiasts and world-class chefs alike, these professionals are the masters of their industry. Every knife is carefully thought out in terms of high-quality materials, smart design and production process. As elegant as they are versatile, these sleek, powerful knives are a must have product for every kitchen in London. Blenheim Forge also hold worthwhile sharpening courses. The next one from January – March 2020. “Every time I wrap my fingers around the handle of my favourite knife, I know that every single cut I make will be a pleasurable experience, something honourable, meditative, physical yet calming.” Tim Hayward – Author of ‘Knife'


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Arch 229 Blenheim Grove London SE154QL

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