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With a worldwide reputation for being one of the most glamorous, elegant clubs in London, Annabel’s will always get our nod of approval. Annabel’s has incredible service, an elite cuisine and provides quality entertainment like no other establishment. This private members nightclub that has catered for celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and royalty such as Princess Anne, the Prince of Wales and even The Queen. It is in fact, the only club the Queen has ever visited. The club oozes sophistication and ambience; The Garden Room is adorned with a marble floor and glass panels, while The Courtyard provides a glorious view of the sky through its glass roof. The Powder Room is an explosion of pink, with plush seats, a sea of roses covering the ceiling, silky pink carpets and shelled shaped sinks decorated with gold swans. In terms of the guests, the dress code is one that only leaves room for those of ultimate class and style. These guests regularly play audience to exclusive musicians, performers and DJ’s that regularly host electrifying events at the venue that will party on until the early hours. A team of world-class chefs, sommeliers and mixologists have passionately assembled a food, wine and spirit menu to tantalise your taste buds. Annabel’s are devoted to supplying each individual with an exceptionally brilliant evening.


About Annabel's

Annabel’s original home up until 2018 was 44 Berkely Street. Founded by entrepreneur Mark Birley in 1963, and named after his wife Lady Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart, the nightclub has been a legendary luxury location for over fifty years, that has been every chic Londoner’s prime spot for after-dinner drinks and late-night fun. Since being placed in its new home on 46 Berkley Square, Annabel’s has introduced a dog walking service, obtained its telephone and laptop ban from all floors bar one, and allows its guests to enjoy the cigar room and a tequila and mescal bar with liquor unavailable anywhere else in the UK. Once a creature of the night, the establishment offers breakfast, lunch, supper, drinks and dancing, under its spacious roof of four floors.

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