Anderson & Sheppard

Listique’s Recommendation

We are always on the lookout for establishments that produce one-of-a-kind garments, perfectly fitted to your measurements. Anderson & Sheppard is our go to tailor of choice for men who desire a comfortable yet understated elegant suit. From start to finish, each suit takes between 8-12 weeks to cut, make and fit, a short time to wait for an authentic final piece.



About Anderson & Sheppard

Since its inception in 1906, Anderson & Sheppard has crafted men’s clothing with precision and care, to some of the most notable figures in business, government and the arts. With a team of over 60 loyal staff and expert tailors, each member of the Anderson & Sheppard family is dedicated to their role whether its serving front of house, cutting or tailoring. Whether one’s aspirations are in the design or customer service sector, the tailor trains and grows their team from within, making the establishment one of tradition as skills are passed down. Anderson & Sheppard is the home of the English drape or London cut, a classic suit that was once a more comfortable option after years of constrained military dress. This marked one of the most influential moves in tailoring. What was once a civil tailor that broke from Victorian traditions, Anderson & Sheppard has grown into a bespoke manufacturer of men’s suits making both the item and experience a luxury.

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