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More Than Just Instagram: We Interview James Ison, Founder of Rich Kids of the Internet

We interview James Ison, founder of Rich Kids of the Internet, the famous Instagram feed and now luxury product sourcing, experience and travel concierge servic


5 of the Best Reusable Face Masks

These brands are all donating all, or part of their profits from the sale of their reusable face masks to charities such as NHS Charities Together.


Wined and Dined at Home: Listique Interviews Harper Fine Dining

Listique interviews Dean and Michelle Harper, the power couple behind Harper Fine Dining.


Living & Sleeping Well

Where you sleep and what you sleep on can have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing.

Home Health Luxury

What’s all the HiPE about? Listique interviews high-end property expert, Dan Stein

Listique interviews Dan Stein, founder of discreet, high-end property search company HiPE that finds property for UHNWis and celebrities with the utmost privacy


Designed to Inspire: We Interview Interior Designer, Sarah Ward

Listique interviews leading interior designer, Sarah Ward, founder of Interiors by Sarah Ward and luxury tableware company, POSH Trading Company.

Interior Design Home

What Is The Future of London's Hospitality Industry?

Now lockdown is easing, what will London’s pubs and restaurants look like when they reopen on the 4th July? What socially distanced measures will be in place?

Food London

Now's the Time

Working towards a new sustainable normal for travelling the planet.

Luxury Holidays Hotels

What Will Private Travel Look Like Post Lockdown?

Listique speaks to Simon Gibson of private jet charter company, 365 Aviation, to find out what private travel and holidays might look like post lockdown.

Holidays Luxury

Get Dressed, Turn Heads With an Alexandra Wood Bespoke Wardrobe

Listique speaks to award-winning Savile Row designer, Alexandra Wood, about classic tailoring and how to get a timeless, bespoke wardrobe that will turn heads.


Villas in the sun

We have listed the finest providers of luxury vacations, with a focus on villas and yachts in the sun for UHNW families and those who form a bubble to vacation.

Holidays Hotels

5 ways a Private PA can help you

A list of the different ways a Private PA could help improve your families life.

Private Staff

Home Tech Providers for Elite Clients

Luxury home automation allows for the perfect balance between connectedness and – ever more importantly - elective disconnection.


Discover the Wines of Your Life With This Bespoke Gift

Looking for a unique gift of bespoke wines? Discover the wines of your life with a curated collection of personalised wine from Bespoke Wine Collection.


How to Become a Virtual Assistant By Those in the Know

Thinking about becoming a virtual assistant? These experts give you all the tips and advice on switching from a personal assistant to a virtual assistant.

Private Staff

Protect Your Household With This Thermal Camera

The handheld device requires no contact with other people and provides a thermal reading (with accuracy up to ±0.3°C) of one or several people in just one secon

Private Staff Health Offers & Discounts COVID

Private Jeweller, Kensington Parker’s Guide to Buying Diamonds

Buying diamonds? Andreas Christodoulou, private jeweller and founder of Kensington Parker’s gives us his guide to buying the best diamond for your budget.


Thinking About Hiring a Tutor For Your Child? Read This First

Thinking of hiring a private tutor for your child? Discover why Simply Learning Tuition is the leading tuition service for your child.


5 Surprising Lockdown Luxuries

The five surprising little luxuries in life we have discovered since being in stuck in lockdown, from baking banana bread to cancelling online quizzes.

Health COVID-19

Competition to win luxury coasters from The POSH Trading Company!

Answer a simple question for a chance to win some POSH Trading Company Silver Leaf Coasters.

Gifts Interior Design Competition

Listique Partner Offers for May

Check out this months offers from some of our Partners,

Offers & Discounts

Investment Consulting and Management Services

Our investment consultants move between investment opportunities, do extensive due diligence, manage risk and carry out trend analyses.


High-end Boiler Engineers

Listique has drawn up a list of boiler engineers who already boast an enviable word-of-mouth reputation. Emergency call-outs and an annual maintenance check.

Gardening During Lockdown? Here's What You Need to Know...

Gardening during lockdown? Christopher Powell, founder of leading garden design and landscaping service, Growing Concern gives his tips for novice gardeners.


Thinking of Cutting Your Hair During Lockdown? Read This...

Whilst everything else is stopping, our hair growth is not.


Hiring Private Jets: Tips For Beginners

Looking to hire a private jet? Listique gives you the low down and all the beginners tips and advice on how to charter a private jet for business or leisure.


A Leading PT Shares How to Stay Fit During Lockdown

We caught up with leading personal trainer Michael Garry to find out just how and why we should all be staying fit and active during lockdown.

Fitness COVID

London’s best bespoke joiners and upmarket property maintenance contractors

The joiners recommended by Listique are, quite simply, the best that London have to offer.

Home Interior Design

Plug In to Switch Off: 8 of the Best Podcasts and Audio Books

Here are 8 of the best podcasts and audiobooks to download and listen to during lockdown. From informative, to funny and motivational all provide escapism.


5 Ways to Get Your Culture Fix During Lockdown

Just because the theatres and cinemas are closed and the museums have closed their doors doesn’t mean that we can’t get our cultural fix during lockdown.


How 10 of the World's Wealthiest are Helping The Fight Against Coronavirus

Read how 10 of the world’s wealthiest and super rich individuals are pledging millions of dollars and supplies to help in the fight against coronavirus.


How to Impress Your Dinner Party Guests

POSH Trading Company gives us their tips for planning and preparing for the perfect dinner party. From menu planning and tableware to the right dessert.

Gifts Home

Love in The Time of Corona

Want to date during lockdown? Two dating experts give their tips for online dating during lockdown, from what to wear to spending time investing in yourself.


Household Staff Deserted

A lighthearted look into how privately staffed households could be coping during the coronavirus pandemic now that they are having to fend for themselves.

Private Staff COVID

The HACCP Hygiene Cleaning Service: The clean you didn’t know your house needed

Find out why your house or offices need the HACCP Hygiene Cleaning Service. Remove germs and bacteria with the highest level of expert, hygienic cleaning.


Where to Buy Your Celebratory Food This Easter

Looking to order celebratory food for Easter? Check out these independent food producers, deli and shops who can still deliver food during lockdown.


Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind: Tips for working from home productively

With working from home becoming the new norm, Listique has put together their top tips to help you work from home productively and the best products to help.


Six of the Most Luxurious Easter Eggs

Listique has rounded up six of the most luxurious, decadent and hand-crafted chocolate and jewellery Easter eggs available to buy online this year.

Gifts Holidays

Top London Restaurants That Are Now Delivering

With London’s restaurants closed due to lockdown, Listique has compiled the top restaurants and Michelin-starred restaurants that are now offering delivery.


How to Maintain Your Health and Wellbeing During Lockdown

The Listique has compiled a list of ways to maintain your health and mental wellbeing during lockdown including sleep, exercise and learning something new.

Health COVID

Listique's Choice: Boost your immunity with these amazing supplements

Looking to boost your immunity? We’ve rounded up the best supplements that you can order now to help boost your overall general health and immunity.

Health COVID

Private Staffing: How to read a CV

Creator and author of From Calm to Chaos, Martin Higgins shares what you should be looking for in a CV or resume when hiring private and domestic staff.

Private Staff

Listique’s Luxurious Guide to Mother’s Day Gifting

Looking for a present for Mother’s Day but don’t want to give the same gift as last year? Read Listique’s guide to top luxurious Mother’s Day gifts.


Keeping Yourself Glam Throughout Lockdown

Worried about how to keep yourself looking gorgeous during Covid-19? Well not anymore...


Look to Listique during Lockdown

As Britain enters lockdown, Listique has compiled a list of London services and businesses who can provide luxury. From fine dining to at home entertainment.


Private Jet Charter | Bespoke Private Jet Hire

The advent of COVID-19 coronavirus has led to a surge of private jet demand. In the wake of the outbreak here are our recommendations for private jet charter.

Bespoke Human Resources Services for Listique’s Members

Listique works with trusted consultants and bespoke human resources consultants who can help provide training for their household staff and superyacht crew.


Beautiful, Yet Easy to Live With: The Legacy of Raro

Elizabeth Greatrex interviews internationally renowned interior designers, Rajeeta & Rolly Gupta from House of Raro to discuss design, inspiration and success.

Interior Design

Move Over Mojito, The Alcohol-Free Cocktails Have Arrived

Cutting back on alcohol or giving up altogether? Read Listique’s guide to the best low alcohol, no alcohol alternatives and mocktails available to buy.


How To Do Lent Like a Boss

Don’t know what to give up for Lent this year? Here are three ideas to inspire you into making positive changes in your life during the Lent period.


An Astrologer's Guide For 2020

Elizabeth Greatrex interviews Shamanic Homeopath and Astrologer Ann-Louise Holland and discusses self-healing, animals, alcohol and following our own paths.


The Best London Restaurants for Posh Pancakes

Want the best restaurant to go to on Pancake Day? Listique has rounded up the best London restaurants for posh pancakes & luxury pancakes this Shrove Tuesday.


Want to Bring Home The Birkin? Give Aquarius Concierge a Call

Founder of luxury concierge company Aquarius Concierge, Sophie Botley shares her tips with Listique for sourcing luxury items including Birkin bags.


Elite Meat From London's Best Butchers

Looking for the best butchers? Those selling the highest-quality produce and with the best levels of service? Discover the butchers Listique recommends.


Bespoke Concierge and Lifestyle Management | Luxury Concierge

These concierge and lifestyle management agencies offer bespoke solutions, tailored travel experiences, source luxury goods and plan events for elite clients.

Luxury Members Clubs

Creative Ways to Spend Valentine's Day

If you’re looking for an alternative way to spend Valentine’s day this year then check out Listique’s guide to alternative, fun Valentine’s dates in London.


The Listique Slack Forum: A Helping Hand for Everyone

The Listique Slack Forum is a communication hub and forum where private staff and suppliers can come together to ask for help and share advice and knowledge.


How to Stay Sane in an Insane World

Author and inspirational speaker, Jeremy Thomas gives his tips for how to stay sane in an insane world and how to take steps to reach good mental health.

Mental Health

Make Sure To Get My Best Side, Will you?

Fashion, talent and portrait photographer of London Photo Portfolio’s, Zuzana Breznanikova has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion and royalty.


Carpet Cleaning Companies for Luxury Interiors

Looking for a professional carpet cleaning company or service? Listique explains why the carpet cleaning companies they recommend are the best in the industry.


The Listique Guide to New Year's Resolutions

Listique’s top tips for setting a New Year’s resolution, because choosing the right resolution is just as important as sticking to your New Year’s resolution.


Is there a better way of educating your child in London?

Listique explores alternative ways to educate your child in London including the differences and similarities between Montessori and Steiner Waldorf schools.


Ones to watch: Crystal Caviar

Elizabeth Greatrex interviews Selma White business developer at Caviar Crystal to discuss crystal sculptures, Bohemian crystal and Bohemian glass.


Addiction and The Rich: Cushioning, Enabling and Low Self-Esteem

Elizabeth Greatrex explores the issue of addiction among different socioeconomic groups. Featuring an interview with leading rehab centre Start2Stop.

Mental Health

Luxury Is Quality and Quality Is Luxury

Elizabeth Greatrex delves into the true meaning of luxury in society, its relationship to quality and what it is that those who want luxury are searching for.


Celebrated Or Condemned: The Timeline Of Luxury: Where Did It All Begin? How Is It Changing?

Elizabeth Greatrex finds out how the notion of luxury has changed within our society and what possessions were considered as luxury throughout time.


Nina Naustdal: 'Normal Is Boring'

In an exclusive interview with Listique, Nina Naustdal discusses her life as a high end fashion designer, her reality TV work and her personal life.


Luxury and Sustainability: The Perfect Match

Elizabeth Greatrex examines the evolving relationship between luxury and sustainability and how high-end brands are making changes to be more sustainable.


The World of Upstairs Downstairs Turned Upside Down

Elizabeth Greatrex explores how the dynamics of privately staffed households have changed and the roles private talent and staff play in private households.

Private Staff

5 Things You Didn't Know About Mayfair

Think you know Mayfair? From haunted houses to secret passageways, here are five interesting and surprising facts that you might not have known about Mayfair.


Ones to Watch: Ledbury Studio

In an interview with Listique, kitchen design icon Charlie Smallbone discusses his latest elegant kitchen design venture, Ledbury Studio based in Notting Hill.


Listique's Choice: Five Star Hotels In London

Looking for the best 5-star hotel in London? Listique has rounded up the top 5-star hotels in London based on their spas, afternoon teas and suites.


Hustling, Creating, Living and Loving: An Interview With Bilah Greenberg

Elizabeth Greatrex interviews artist and interior designer Bilah Greenberg on her life and creative career.

Interior Design

Best Members Clubs for Families

Looking for a members club for your family? Listique has rounded up the top member’s clubs in London for families including George Junior and Cloud Twelve.

Members Clubs

10 Stocking Filler Ideas For The Clueless Husband

Need inspiration for Christmas stocking fillers? Listique has compiled their top ten ideas for luxury stocking fillers and gifts for your wife this Christmas.


Deluxe packaging and transportation companies

We recommend removals companies with first-hand experience of complex moves, on tight schedules, for important individuals, whose privacy must be protected.

Transcript of Listique's Interview with Dr Cosmo Duff Gordon and Dougie Dudgeon from Start2Stop

Transcript of Listique's interview with Dr Cosmo Duff Gordon and Dougie Dudgeon from Start2Stop, a private sector outpatient and residential addiction treatment

Mental Health

Must Have Luxury Gadgets For The Kitchen 2019

Listique's guide to must have luxury kitchen gadgets for 2019.