05 February - 28 February 21

Virtual Dark Skies Festivals Feb 2021

England's National Parks remain some of the darkest places in Great Britain and we celebrate our star-studded skies at Festivals throughout the autumn and winter which offer a range of activities that are all about discovering, learning and enjoying the dark and the stars you can see as a result.

In 2021, National Parks have adapted their February programme to a offer a wide range of Virtual experiences from the National Parks in Cumbria, Northumberland, Yorkshire and the South Downs. There are events for families, first-time stargazers, lectures from top astronomers and scientists, watch presentations, join interactive tours of Planetariums and so much more.

Keep watching here for the Confirmation Dates for the Annual Festival on Exmoor, planned for October 2021.

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05 February - 28 February '21