09 September - 16 September 23

Invictus Games

The Invictus Games is a multi-sport event that was created by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, in 2014. The event brings together wounded, injured, and sick military personnel and veterans from around the world to compete in a range of sports and activities, with the aim of promoting rehabilitation and recovery through sport. The name "Invictus" is Latin for "unconquered," reflecting the indomitable spirit of the competitors who have faced physical and mental challenges as a result of their military service. The event also honors the sacrifices made by military personnel and raises awareness of the ongoing challenges faced by veterans and their families. It features a range of sports, including athletics, wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, swimming, and powerlifting, as well as more unusual events such as indoor rowing and archery. The competition is open to all military personnel and veterans who have been injured, wounded, or become ill during their service, regardless of their level of ability.

The Invictus Games have become a highly respected and inspirational event, highlighting the strength, determination, and resilience of military personnel and veterans who have overcome significant physical and mental challenges. The event also provides a platform for raising awareness of the ongoing needs of veterans and the importance of supporting them in their rehabilitation and recovery. It has been held in a number of different locations around the world, with past events taking place in London, Toronto, and Sydney. This year it's going to be held in Düsseldorf, Germany. Each event is typically spread over several days and includes opening and closing ceremonies, as well as a range of cultural and social events to bring competitors and spectators together.

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09 September - 16 September '23