05 April - 29 October 23

Crown to Couture: A Journey through Luxury Fashion and Jewellery

Kensington Palace is delighted to present "Crown to Couture," a spectacular exhibition that showcases the intersection of historical fashion, modern red carpet dressing, and exquisite jewellery from different eras. The event is supported by Garrard, the Blavatnik Family Foundation, and Cunard, and will run from April 5 to October 29, 2023.

Featuring over 200 items spanning five centuries, "Crown to Couture" juxtaposes Royal ceremonial dress and historic items with contemporary ensembles worn by celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Lizzo, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. The exhibition is curated by Claudia Scott Williams of Historic Royal Palaces, with a special focus on jewellery curated by writer, curator, and Responsible Jewelry Council Executive Director Melanie Grant.

Visitors will marvel at the parallels between historical fashion and modern red-carpet dressing, as well as the striking similarities between the rituals of dressing for the Georgian court and the styling of celebrities for today's red-carpet events. Iconic pieces like the Silver Tissue gown from the 1660s and Lady Helen Robertson's three-meter-wide yellow mantua from 1760 share the stage with modern creations by designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Peter Dundas.

Melanie Grant's curation of jewellery adds another layer of luxury to the exhibition, with pieces ranging from Thelma West's Rebel Black ring worn by Rihanna at the 2021 Met Gala to the replica Marguerite Suite worn by Beyoncé. The exhibition also features jewellery from brands like Chopard, Schiaparelli, and Fred Leighton, as well as several pieces by Garrard, the former Crown Jeweller.

Immerse yourself in the dazzling world of luxury fashion and jewellery, where the past and present collide in a stunning display of artistry and craftsmanship. Don't miss your chance to experience "Crown to Couture" – book your tickets now!

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05 April - 29 October '23