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Bespoke Wine Collection

Bespoke Wine Collection

Award-Winning Sommelier and founder Ksenia Karpenko started Bespoke Wine Collection from a deep-rooted love for wine, a passion for travel and diverse cultures, and a determination to live life to the fullest. This enthusiastic, creative sommelier has stated that Bespoke Wine Collection isn’t just about providing the customer with an outstanding taste, but an outstanding experience altogether. The company’s bespoke wine collection provides a unique way to celebrate an important milestone such as an anniversary, wedding or birthday with wines that are hand-picked and presented alongside a book full of treasured memories and tasting notes. Some of their best-loved collections include The Celebration Collection; the ideal gift for life engagements and weddings, and the Sweet 18 Collection; a touching gesture for a person’s 18th birthday. The Wine Gifts service provides a curated collection of three exclusive wines packaged in a personalised presentation box. The wines are selected by a world-class sommelier and fitted to the customer's particular taste. Bespoke Wine Collection also run a wine consultancy in which they consult leading hotel chains and wine bars to design their bespoke wine programmes, and arrange wine pairings for gallery events. While their Wine Cellar service creates stunning wine cellars and installations that are an expression of individual style. Bespoke Wine Collection’s wine tours are also a fabulous opportunity both for private clients and corporate teams to meet wine legends, taste their creations and learn about the winemaking process from the those who know it best.

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